Bye For Now, 2020

documentary short, 35 minutes
Bye For Now, is an elegiac new film that offers a meditation on loss, mortality, and location, using water as a metaphor for the variable flow of time and memory. Filmed in Venice, Italy this deeply personal work is an attempt to directly communicate with the dead and to share the experience of a beloved and evocative place with a loved one who is now gone.

Lessons In Lost Time (working title), in-progress

feature film project
Lessons in Lost Time is a highly visual and poetic feature film focusing on a woman experiencing a neurological breakdown resulting in mysterious bouts of amnesia. The film, featuring Saori Tsukada, explores the elusive nature of memory, identity and location.

camera tests: yaddo summer, 2019

short, 6:28 minutes
During a creative residency at Yaddo in upstate NY I made a series of tests with a new camera right outside my studio.
After several days of shooting, I realized I had captured a kind of composite day at Yaddo - observing nature just beyond my studio door - the misty early morning light - an afternoon standoff between a hawk and a woodchuck - the wanderings of a lone deer - a sudden thunderstorm - into blue evening and a dark firefly filled forest echoing with chattering frogs.

Hey Charlie, 2019

short, 12 minutes
Hey Charlie is a short hallucinatory film featuring renowned screenwriter and director Charlie Kaufman. Nearing the end of his stay at an artists' retreat, Charlie’s daily ritual walk in the woods turns into an ordeal of repetition and delusion. These interruptions - either real or imagined - break into his consciousness, causing anxiety and panic as he contemplates how much (or little) he has accomplished during his time at the Colony.

Cassis Sketches, 2018

three shorts, 9:50 minutes
Cassis Sketches is a series of short films begun while in residence with the BAU Institute at the Camargo Foundation in the south of France, chronicling an obsession with the sea and a daily ritual swim.

Standing By: Gatz Backstage, 2016

feature length documentary, 76 minutes
Standing By: Gatz Backstage is an atmospheric portrait of backstage life during Elevator Repair Service’s acclaimed, theatrical work Gatz, during which every word of The Great Gatsby is voiced and enacted onstage. Offering a look behind the scenes, Standing By reveals the daily routines and rhythms, the backstage choreography, and the heightened world of shadows and whispers existing in a vibrant realm just beyond the audience’s view.

The Last Twin, 2015

documentary short, 5 minutes
The Last Twin is a short documentary focusing on Brooklyn Heights Cinema, a two-screen movie theater that was the longest running independently owned cinema in NYC. This intimate elegy captures the spirit of this aging venue, as it struggles to survive in a rapidly developing neighborhood. This beloved movie house is a relic of the past, and screened 35mm prints on antique Italian projectors exclusively until 2016. The documentary reveals daily life at the cinema, sometimes mundane, other times bustling, where celluloid as an object, passing through light with ambient noise and flicker, is a dying entity.

Is Anyone Not Ready?, 2012

feature length documentary, 90 minutes
Is Anyone Not Ready? is an experiential, feature-length documentary, which focuses on New York's legendary theater company, The Wooster Group, as they develop a new multimedia production of Hamlet. Shooting began with early, exploratory rehearsals in New York, and included the world premiere in Barcelona, a subsequent tour to Berlin, and the New York opening at St. Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn.

Deep Trance Behavior in Potatoland, 2008

Performance Film (Commission), 2008 NYC, 60 minutes
A commission from theater legend Richard Foreman to create a film document of his mind-bending performance Deep Trance Behavior in Potatoland: A Richard Foreman Theater Machine, performed at the Ongological Theater, St. Mark's Church in 2008.

Keeping Things Whole, 2004

single channel video, 9 minutes
In Keeping Things Whole, a man appears and moves alone across a snow-swept field toward a line of trees, disappearing into the white void of a blizzard. Apparitions of watchful animals drift in and move away, witnesses or guides to the figure's journey. This project was commissioned by the Poetry Society of America through their Poetry in Motion Pictures program and screened on PBS' Reel NY.