Keep Your Electric Eye On Me, 2014

Part live performance, video installation, and interactive media lab, “Keep Your Electric Eye On Me” is an interwoven exploration of transformation, dual realities, hysteria, and the desire for the unattainable. Throughout this disturbing and atmospheric work, a multifaceted narrative reverberates through choreographed movement, spoken text, multi-screen projections, sensors and live-feed cameras. In this high-tech/lo-tech world, complex sonic vistas and spectral mirages meld, collide and shimmer.

The work sample includes excerpts from a full production at HERE, NYC in May 2014. The sample contains performance documentation intercut with footage recorded from on-stage, live feed cameras, offering painterly and cinematic details, which were viewable to the audience on various screens throughout the set. The selections highlight the intimate correlation between live performance and live processed media.