the horror, the horror (I have plenty of energy to drive over there), 2010-11

the horror, the horror is a live video, sound, and performance spectacle, which engages notions of loss, memory, eroticism and rage. Seamlessly incorporating live and processed imagery, electronic, and acoustic music, the work references Bernini’s sculpture the Ecstasy of St. Teresa, Brando’s death scene form Apocalypse Now, and the rantings of a drunk and enraged Mel Gibson. the horror the horror conjures a slowed down realm of breathing and watching, a world of literal and internal reflection, using multiple video projections, surround sound audio, a large scale wall collage, an array of live-feed cameras and a dancer to spin a gothic meditation on the personal obsessions of madmen.

the horror, the horror exists as both a live, multimedia performance and a two-channel media installation, the work sample contains examples of both.

Live video processing and editing: Shaun Irons & Lauren Petty
Audio: Brian Rogers
Performer: Madeline Best