Atmospheres & Accidental Ghosts, 2015

two-channel, self-generating video installation, variable length

Installation Documentation: 0:00-2:20
Installation Mockup starts: 2:20

Atmospheres & Accidental Ghosts is an episodic, multi-channel video and sound installation, which randomly reconfigures and activates a perpetually shifting selection of media drawn from the artists’ work and obsessions. Relying on chance and coincidence, this at times unruly and unpredictable piece generates elliptical narratives and enigmatic visual juxtapositions, scrambling restlessly through data in an attempt to search for patterns or meaning. Upturned sinking ships, flashes of color and light, glimpses of a vanishing natural world, a dancer’s ghostly legs, and spectral mirages combine in a ghostly aura of moving image montage.

Atmospheres & Accidental Ghosts is an open-ended, self-generating work, and each iteration is entirely unique and mutable. The piece is controlled by software programmed to randomly create sequences of moving image by scanning through an assortment of past, current and future projects, in essence making the computer the curator and “performer”. At arbitrary intervals, this shuffling lands on a pair of images, activating a cinematic sequence. As soon as these connected images play out, the computer once again cascades back into a restless search, morphing from one unexpected incarnation to the next, from moments of peaceful serenity to raucous energy.